£ billion saved on core route

million tonnes CO2 saved


of intercity journeys improved


average reduction in journey time

High Speed UK

A Cheaper and More Popular Alternative

…and how it can pay for itself at little or no cost to the general taxpayer

Presentation of High Speed UK, given on 5th December in Birmingham (PDF, 5Mb)

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We can do better than HS2!

We have a fully designed alternative plan to deliver the high speed rail network this country needs. 


  • Saves ⅓ over HS2
  • Delivers more, earlier
  • Higher return on investment


  • Saves 600 million tonnes CO2
  • Fewer tunnels mean less spoil, damage, concrete etc
  • Less impact on the countryside

Better Connected

  • Delivers benefits to the 21 biggest UK cities
  • Makes 92% of journeys faster, compared to 13%
  • Better links to other forms of transport (air, continental rail, onward rail journeys etc)

How would HSUK deliver all these benefits?

By focusing on building a network, not just a route, HSUK's designers have created a transport system which connects the country together.

Build a Full Network

  • Connects to Heathrow and Channel Tunnel
  • Runs straight to existing city centre stations
  • Interconnects with existing network

Choose a Better Route

  • Travels up the M1 corridor
  • 4 tracks instead of 2
  • Trans Pennine spur and east coast route means better connections for northern cities

Use Appropriate Trains

  • Lower design speeds
  • Narrower trains, compatible with existing network
  • Can use existing city centre stations

HSUK Route Map

HSUK Route Map

About re:think HS2

Re:think HS2 is an initiative started by Neale Upstone and Stephen Stretton to investigate and promote a better way of delivering  a high speed rail network than HS2.

We think that the High Speed UK (HSUK) plans developed by Colin Elliff and Quentin Macdonald offer a thorough, affordable and effective alternative that would provide a greener, cheaper and better connected rail network.

More about High Speed UK

More details of the plan at their website.

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